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Our Patients - Our Guests

A network of specialised  and experienced medical professionals accompany our guest-patients from check-up to diagnosis to treatment in the most exclusive and best reputed clinics in Germany. During leisure time our experienced  and multilingual staff will assist you in planning your activities.

Our Services

Visa Assistance
After you have received your invitation for medical treatment and have signed the application for medical treatment, documents required for your visa  will be sent to you.
We Care
As we want you to feel comfortable and at ease at all times, our multilingual staff will  be  at your side  from the moment of your arrival, to the check-in at your hotel or clinic, accompanying you to your doctors meetings and check-ups a well as to your leisure activities, so you desire.
Selection Criteria
Prior to your arrival in Germany a suitable clinic for your check-up or treatment will be selected by our specialised department  based on your medical report. As we cooperate with clinics of highest reputation only, you can expect top quality treatment wherever you go.
First steps
Based on your medical report you will undergo thorough examinations. Then, together with the  leading specialist of the required field your very own medical program will be drawn up.
Preventive Care
Whatever your physical complaint or worry might be, we offer the right medical tests and  examinations for your specific needs in state-of-the-art diagnostic centres all  over Germany.
Rehabilitation required?
When your health condition requires rehabilitation measures and/or a special cure your very personal rehabilitation concept will be drawn up by specialists.
Bed-to-Bed Service
Fully equipped rescue planes with  AirEvac  trained and experienced doctors and nurses on board take you in case of emergency to the clinic required for your case. Also a seamless ambulance service can take you literally from your bed to the plane and from the plane in Germany directly to your assigned hospital bed.
Your Accommodations
All our patients have a  choice of rooms to select from. As in-patient, most comfortable and perfectly equipped rooms are available within the clinics. Out-patients  can usually choose between various styles of hotels nearby the clinic. If you travel with your family or wish exclusive privacy, apartments or villas can be rented  and set up for you with or without staff.
Your Leisure Time
Depending on the area of your stay we can advise you on a multitude of excursions and entertainment, shopping adventures and culinary delights. All programs are designed on an individual basis. For your special comfort limousines can be rented with or without  chauffeur for the day or your whole stay.